Finance!!! What is it?

Away from our educational backgrounds. What is Finance? What is decision about how to make and spend money? What is money? When should we start to think about decisions concerning money? What are the impacts of good monetary decisions and not so good monetary decisions? Who makes financial decisions about us, even without our knowledge of it, or our interest in their decisions? Why do we have to take a financial position or make a choice each and every time?

Since we all make daily financial decisions, to answer most of the financial concerns will take a long but interesting sessions. I will be ready to give my best every time, but if you have further concern on any particular topic, don’t hesitate to ask.

In my next blog, I will give outlines of interesting financial topics that I will be cracking. Please, let me say that, sometimes I will divert to meet your concern. But, I promise to come back soon after.


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